Autotalo  Pekka Mäkinen    

Autotalo Pekka Mäkinen was maybe the biggest Sisu dealer in Finland during 1960's and 1970's.
Besides new trucks he was naturally envolved in used vehicles. He imported vehicles also from Sweden
because of the lack of good used trucks in Finland. Every single truck that came in his yard got
new tyres and a bright new paint on it.
 As a result of several occasions he decreased his business in the 1970's, leaving the trucks on his yards.
In the early 1980's he had approximately 1300 used trucks on his yards around Tampere!
He sold trucks during the years, but the time was running out. Most of trucks had been standing
outside over 20 years and that has caused visible damages to them. Pekka Mäkinen himself was going
to concentrate on his another interest, horses, but unfortunately he couldn't enjoy that, because he died

last January
at the age of 78 years.
The last yard of the most interesting truck dealer has now being emptied.

-arpe 2010